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Preparing for Africa May 2012

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Dear Family and Friends,
This letter we are writing is to inform you about our status as to going to Niger West Africa and  the wonderful changes in Susan’s and my life.  Susan and I are engaged and getting married in August. We are heading to the mission field together. With great joy and faith we have given our lives to serving Jesus in Niger West Africa and to see hearts changed for His kingdom.
Susan has many great gifts that we know God will use. Her abilities in the medical field and her heart for the children of Africa will be such a open door to sharing the love of Christ. Susan has such a call and wants to serve the Lord in Africa . She also will be studying French the main official language in Niger. This is a huge prayer request that God will guide her in this language study so she might be able to communicate the love of Christ. I will be helping her and serving her in these areas so she will be well prepared.
My responsibilities as Area Director has not changed except for the urgency of Wycliffe wanting us to get to the field to help them and meeting these needs on the field. As Area Director my position will include maintenance, personnel workers, building, mechanical needs, and welding. In addition I have been also asked to teach and preach.  We will also be on call to travel the country side of Niger to answer to the missionaries needs out in the bush. Susan and I want to be an encouragement to the missionary families. It is always a joy to help in any way possible for many of the missionaries spend years in the bush without visitors.
On the weekends Susan and I look forward to traveling out to the villages sharing Christ love and visiting national churches. We will be also visiting the churches in Benin where I was a missionary pastor for many years to encourage and minister to them.
We have a house waiting for us in Niger and a new life to experience in Christ. Please pray for us as we prepare for this Journey and the needed monthly support for us to live. We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. We hope and pray that you will seize this moment to get behind us to be part of our team. As we are older but wiser God will strengthen us and use us for His glory. Our mission tours will be a turn around time of two years so we can visit our kids, families, and church families on the west coast. We will look forward to sharing with you the faithfulness of God.
Susan and I will be trusting the Lord daily as we minister to the Nigerians. We do hear of wars to the north in Mali and to the east in Nigeria but Niger has been pretty stable during these times. We do commit these uncertain times to the Lord and we need your prayers. God will provide and protect us.  He has proven this over and over in our lives.
Wycliffe International has us leaving  the US in september but this date is flexible due to raising our support.  We would love before we head to the field to visit my parents and family in Montana and Washington.
We are in the process of making a blog site where you can go and see photos and read what is happening with us. It will soon be available. We have a lot to be thankful for and with that we praise our Lord. Lets keep looking up and keep our hand to the plow until Jesus comes. Love you all and we are truly thankful for you.
Daniel and Susan


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